Welcoming 2020 & the Yang Metal Rat

Our homes are a reflection of our life at this moment. As 2020 approaches, there are a few simple things we can do to create a reflection to the universe of what we want this new 60yr cycle to bring forth in our lives starting January 25, 2020.

  • I talk about decluttering a lot, I know. That’s because it’s the number one thing you can do to change the energy of your environment. We want less belongings in our environment so that there is room for better things to enter our lives. Having an empty drawer, shelf or space in closets is a good thing, So, before doing anything else to prepare for the new energy of 2020, clear out everything from your home that no longer serves you. Clutter creates blocks in our life. Hanging on to those old clothes that you hope to one day be able to wear again, tells your soul that you are not living up to your potential. Hanging onto things that represent the kind of family you wish you had, focuses your soul on something you deem to be lacking in the family you do have. Anything broken or covered in dust is a clear statement to the universe that those things really don’t have any meaning to you. Unfinished projects are stating that your choices have proven that those projects aren’t important to you, let them go. Clear it all out. Get help (I’m available and love opening up the energy of a home). Most homes are overwhelmed with clutter in closets and corners and basements, it can feel daunting and impossible to tackle. Ask for help. Do one closet at a time. Dedicate 30mins a day. This is the time to truly let go and create a new future for yourself. 2020 is going to be a powerful year for everyone, create some space in your environment for that powerful energy to come in and live with you.
  • Wash your front door. Your front door is the mouth of your home, this is where all the vital energy, opportunities and health enters your home and property. So, get out the soap and water and clean your front door. Scrub it down. Rinse it off. Dry it. Do this with deep intentions of wanting to create an amazing impression for all the blessings that may be brought by the Red Phoenix this year. Use a mixture of hot water, a drop of dish soap, a handful of course sea salt, 18 drops of orange, lemon, pine or frankincense essential oil.
  • Clean your house as if Queen Elizabeth was coming to visit. We want to start 2020 off with a clean blank slate. We are looking at a new 60yr cycle of energy and we want all the old energy (and dust) out of the picture and out of our lives. As you clean hold the intention of starting fresh, new beginnings. Hit every corner and nook, empty your bookshelves and dust every item in your house, behind the refrigerator and washing machine. Leave no area untouched. Have your air ducts and dryer vent cleaned! Create vision and clarity for the future by cleaning your mirrors and windows, WD-40 all your door hinges so that the doors to opportunity open easily. And make sure every light bulb is working well so that your path to the future is well lit.
  • After cleaning your house, clear the energy of your environment (start at the perimeter of your property and work your way into your home) with White Sage or Palo Santo, then follow up with Sweet Grass. The White Sage or Palo Santo helps move out old energy, the Sweet Grass welcomes in new abundant energy.
  • Buy a new healthy green plant or a succulent and place it near the front door. This is a symbol of the Wood element of growth, new beginning and vitality and advancement of life energy. Write some words of your intentions for this new year, this new 60yr cycle, and plant that piece of paper into the soil of this new plant. Nurture and care for this plant and watch life grow before your eyes. *Be sure the include the phrase “with harm to no one”, as we don’t want to manifest something wonderful into our lives at the expense of someone else.
  • Finally, buy a new welcome mat for the front door. Adding a windchime to the front door area is an added bonus! Welcome prosperity, new opportunities and connections into your life!