2020’s Yang Metal Rat

2020 kicks off a new 60yr cycle of energy. The intellectual very active Rat is entwined with the force of Yang Metal. This is a big year of change, crushing change and restructure.  With all that is happening with Covid-19, I don’t think there is any argument about how shockingly ‘in your face’ the year 2020 has been so far.

We know that the Rat will be keeping us on our toes with many projects and activities, so many opportunities for things to be different and reorganized. It can also very much feel like we can’t catch a break, that we are overwhelmed with a million things happening at once. We’ve lost all connection to time and routine, yet we can feel the need for some control to get through all the circumstances before us.

I have many friends who were forced to shift their routines of going to an office every day to suddenly working from home every day. Some of those friends also have small children they are now trying to entertain and educate while also trying to work their jobs from home. Some of those friends have lost their jobs. Some further have experienced illness, death or other unexpected large expenses.  So many things happening at once, forcing major changes in our lives, flying in from all directions and in every corner of the world.

That is a lot of chaos happening at once.

Yang metal is represented often as raw metal that must be forged or processed to become something useful.  Yang metal has the potential to be honed into something powerful and meaningful, like Excalibur. Yang metal has purpose and though it may take some work, it needs the pounding of a blacksmith hammer to shape it and bring it to it’s full potential.

Right now the world is feeling pretty raw, we (the human race) need to be forged into something useful. We need to accept all these changes knowing that we will come out the other side of these experiences honed into something powerful and meaningful. We will have been molded and sculpted to accept the diversity of our structure, building structures that support all people in all places of the world.

The Rat of the Chinese zodiac is known for being resourceful, skillful, open-minded and a great survivor during times of danger and scarcity. Rats are known to gnaw their way through to new paths. There is very little that can get in their way and prevent them from opening up to a new adventure. They are determined to create the change they want, and they are hardworking enough to get it done.

60 years ago the world watched as 1960 ushered in new conversations and behaviors around sex with the sexual revolution and the birth control pill. The 1950’s were pushed out and the new ideals of the 60’s appeared to fly in from all directions. This new path that 2020 is bestowing on the world will be amplified many times over from the 60’s revolution as the world has developed many times over from life on the plant back then. So what’s before us this year, likely many things. Many changes, large scale life changing changes. Buckle up and hunker down, it’s going to take some time to work through all the changes ahead. Don’t try to rush through them, this is a year to be more mindful and intentional in all your choices.