Moving Forward into 2021

Moving Forward Into 2021

I feel safe in saying that 2020 had some unexpected and challenging experiences for us all. Many are still out of work (my husband included). Many are struggling to pay bills and provide food. Most importantly, many have lost their lives much too quickly. 

None of us will soon forget the crushing energy of 2020 that forced so much restructure on every corner of the world. No one has been untouched by 2020. 2020 may have been the year where we all felt overwhelmed with so many things happening at once, we lost connection to time and routine. The yang metal of 2020 was the kind of energy that has the world feeling raw as 2020 hammered away at that raw yang metal the little rat drug in.

But here arrives in 2021 soon enough with the Yin Metal Ox (I’ll have more to say about him soon).

The yin metal Ox walks in with strength, determination, and a desire to get the work of the day done. No matter how difficult, the Ox wants to make some plans and get busy bringing those plans to life. But do not be fooled by 2021, this yin metal comes in force, as 2021 brings 40% metal to the universe for the year. In that high quantity, we will all likely still feel some crushing need for change and development. To make things a bit more challenging to navigate, the energy for the year will also have us feeling like our efforts aren’t producing large enough results for the effort we feel like we have invested. It’s also highly likely that we will feel as though there is no luck on the horizon, and have little motivation to build our own luck. 

Hang in there! While 2021 will continue to feel like a year of hard work, great loss, and unprecedented challenges, it will also feel like we have much to look forward to. We will see little wins out of all our hard work making plans and goals, and fine-tuning new routines. Celebrate the small wins, feel comfortable to adjust plans and goals, and enjoy a nice fireside evening whenever you can. Let the heat of the fire soften up some of the 40% metal so it can be forged into something new.

Every new year is an excellent time for inviting some new energy into your life, and this year it feels ever more so important to shift the energy around us. Here I offer a few of my favorite new year practices to try. 


This is my favorite task by far to complete when I’m trying to invite new energy around me. I love to declutter anything, even the perfectly organized junk drawer needs a decluttering every few years.

Decluttering any visible areas is the number one thing you can do immediately to change the energy of your home. So put away that mail, clean up that pile of shoes, clean and put away those dishes…then take a deep breath and enjoy the calm you have invited in.

You don’t have to spend all day, start with 30 minutes or 1 hour, or just one task. Pick one room or one closet that has been haunting you. Tackle the guest bathroom or just your car! Dedicate a weekend, if you’re feeling adventurous! 

The things that clutter our lives have meaning, and none of them are too good. Be mindful of the things that collect dust in your life and examine what the hidden meanings likely are. You can’t change a habit until you clearly identify the habit. 

  • Old clothes that don’t fit = not feeling like your best self
  • Anything covered in dust or broken = those things don’t have a place in your life
  • Unfinished projects = I have other priorities, this doesn’t matter to me
  • Piles of magazines or books unread = that story or information isn’t important to me

Clear those things out, don’t think twice, just let them go. You can’t create a new future when the dust of the past is all around you. Instill the help of a good friend, or call on a professional (I’m available). Create some space in your life and home so that the path to move forward is open and visible.

Your Front Door

Wash your front door! Your neighbors might think you are crazy, but who cares. Cleansing the past off our front doors seems vital this year. Your front door is the mouth of your home. All the good chi from the universe, all the opportunities in life, and health and abundance from the red phoenix will be coming through your front door. Use some lemon or frankincense essential oil in the soap and water mix. After cleaning and drying the door (both inside and out), use white sage to smudge the door and bless your home entrance. Add a new doormat outside for an added boost, welcome new energy into your home and life!

A New Plant

Buy a new, healthy green plant or succulent to place inside your home by the front door. If you have one from 2020 there, find it a new spot in an active room of your home. Write some words of affirmations to yourself, and plant them into the soil of this new plant. Intentionally care for this plant, and all plants in your home, and watch life grow before your eyes. 

Deep Cleaning

Get on those elbow-length rubber gloves and dig into the grime (or hire a team you trust)! A new year is a great time to really clean every nook and cranny of your home (declutter first for best results). This is the time of year to clean behind the refrigerator and washing machine. Arrange to have the ducts cleaned, or carpets shampooed! Clean out the dryer vent to the outdoors and have the washing machine serviced. Change air filters on the heating/AC system and or any air purifiers you have. Don’t forget the ceiling fans, light fixtures, and baseboards – oh my! Enlist all members of the household. Give yourself the much needed time to really get the job done. Crank up the music and have some fun! 

Red Envelopes

Don’t forget to cycle out your red envelopes over your front door! Take a moment to reflect on the messages you wrote to yourself last year. Take out any money or coins you had in the envelope and place them in your wealthy bowl. Discard of your messages and old red envelope in a loving fashion (I have a fire ceremony to send mine out into the universe). 

Find a crisp, new red envelope for this crisp new year! Add money or coins, in increments of two (2 coins, 2 $1 new bills). Write yourself some affirmations or desires for the coming new year, with the phrase “with harm to no one” and place them in your red envelope. Hang this envelope over your front door until the new year for 2022. 

I’m here if you need me. 2020 may have kicked all our backsides, but we can just take our time and move slowly through 2021 with intention and determination. The 2021 Ox is here to show us how important structure and process is, and how every little step forward makes a difference – no matter how small, keep moving forward with intention.