About Me

Elizabeth Bronzini

Hello! I’m Elizabeth and I’m a certified feng shui practitioner and owner of Fairy Feng Shui.

I’m passionate about creating balance and harmony in the world around me, and I love helping others to do so as well.

As a young girl, I sought out healing my heart and mind didn’t understand after experiencing a traumatic life event. Through a volunteer youth counselor, I began a spiritual quest and was introduced to the philosophies of The Tao, feng shui and minimalism. Through these lessons, I discovered the magic in understanding how the elements of our lives work together to either create growth and enlightenment, disaster and karma, or some level in between.

Over the last 30 years, I extensively studied three of the five Chinese Metaphysics; divination, destiny, and appearance. Divination (or prediction) is the study of numerical analysis, to discover one’s part in life. Destiny is the study of Chinese astrology and horoscope to discover one’s fate, and appearance is the study of landforms and their dualities to discover one’s physical energetic harmony.

Fast forward to October 2014, when I met Tina Falk and started on my new journey to become a feng shui practitioner. As I got to know her over the next several years, I knew I wanted to elevate my skills and knowledge, and discover a way to share my gifts. In 2018 I completed Tina’s accredited training program, became a certified feng shui practitioner, and started my own journey to helping others bring harmony and balance to their lives.

My teachings are focused on the multi-dimensional polarities of the five divine elements and the twelve animals of the ancient zodiac, along with the orientation and location of your surroundings.

My Taoist Cultivation practices are focused on living in harmony with spiritual-nature (chi in which you live) and life-fate (your unique natal information) cultivated together.

My beliefs are simple:
Feng Shui = Universal Energy & Tao Cultivation = Universal Harmony

Tina’s guild of practitioners can be found here.