2020’s Yang Metal Rat

2020 kicks off a new 60yr cycle of energy. The intellectual very active Rat is entwined with the force of Yang Metal. This is a big year of change, crushing change and restructure.  With all that is happening with Covid-19, I don’t think there is any argument about how shockingly ‘in your face’ the year 2020 has been so far.

We know that the Rat will be keeping us on our toes with many projects and activities, so many opportunities for things to be different and reorganized. It can also very much feel like we can’t catch a break, that we are overwhelmed with a million things happening at once. We’ve lost all connection to time and routine, yet we can feel the need for some control to get through all the circumstances before us.

I have many friends who were forced to shift their routines of going to an office every day to suddenly working from home every day. Some of those friends also have small children they are now trying to entertain and educate while also trying to work their jobs from home. Some of those friends have lost their jobs. Some further have experienced illness, death or other unexpected large expenses.  So many things happening at once, forcing major changes in our lives, flying in from all directions and in every corner of the world.

That is a lot of chaos happening at once.

Yang metal is represented often as raw metal that must be forged or processed to become something useful.  Yang metal has the potential to be honed into something powerful and meaningful, like Excalibur. Yang metal has purpose and though it may take some work, it needs the pounding of a blacksmith hammer to shape it and bring it to it’s full potential.

Right now the world is feeling pretty raw, we (the human race) need to be forged into something useful. We need to accept all these changes knowing that we will come out the other side of these experiences honed into something powerful and meaningful. We will have been molded and sculpted to accept the diversity of our structure, building structures that support all people in all places of the world.

The Rat of the Chinese zodiac is known for being resourceful, skillful, open-minded and a great survivor during times of danger and scarcity. Rats are known to gnaw their way through to new paths. There is very little that can get in their way and prevent them from opening up to a new adventure. They are determined to create the change they want, and they are hardworking enough to get it done.

60 years ago the world watched as 1960 ushered in new conversations and behaviors around sex with the sexual revolution and the birth control pill. The 1950’s were pushed out and the new ideals of the 60’s appeared to fly in from all directions. This new path that 2020 is bestowing on the world will be amplified many times over from the 60’s revolution as the world has developed many times over from life on the plant back then. So what’s before us this year, likely many things. Many changes, large scale life changing changes. Buckle up and hunker down, it’s going to take some time to work through all the changes ahead. Don’t try to rush through them, this is a year to be more mindful and intentional in all your choices.


Hopefully, everyone has heard of the great race between the rabbit and the tortoise. The story goes, the ego of the quick and agile rabbit worked against him at all the obstacles along the journey that he traveled without intention. While the tortoise wins the race with slow and consistent progress through the same path as his competition, though he moved forward with intention. The tortoise becomes a legendary sacred animal with this victory and provides support to universal energies in many ways.

Let me share some of the most powerful ways to bring the energy of the legendary tortoise into your world to lighten and lift or calm and harmonize the energies around you.

Feeling anxious or unsettled

Often as we experience challenges, we can feel unsettled, nervous, or anxious about life. This is likely very prevalent in life these days during COVID-19. Things might feel as if they are moving very fast and out of control. Or maybe they’ve come to a complete halt and things are paralyzed. A tortoise can help pull in the grounding energies that can lift you out of these feelings. Tortoise energy helps us slow down and move forward with intention through our struggles.

  • Carry a small black tortoise in your pocket while going about your day. Be mindful of that protection being with you throughout activities.
  • Place a black tortoise on your bedside table for calmer dreams.
  • The black tortoise is one of four celestial guardians of your dwelling. Place a black tortoise (statue, painting) at the very back of your backyard, right up against the fence (in the center of the back fence).

Abundance and enhancing powers

The tortoise is known to enhance anything it is around. You can strategically place a tortoise anywhere that you would like to increase the energy of that area.

  • A tortoise next to an indoor water fountain will magnify the protection energy of the tortoise and the abundant energy of the water.
  • Place a gold turtle with a wealth bowl in the southeast of your home to boost the wealth energy of your life.
  • Keep a tortoise (preferably a blue one) in the north of your home to improve your career and success wealth.

Be Mindful

  • When placing a tortoise anyway in our outside of your home, be mindful that it is facing inwards to the center of your home. You want the tortoise to look like they are walking into your home with their gifts, not leaving your home.  
  • Be mindful not to place a tortoise in the east, inside or outside of your home. The east is energies of new beginnings, family, and ancestry. The east is ruled by the rabbit, and the rabbit is still mad he lost the race. Adding a tortoise the east will create conflicts and struggles with family or any attempt to kick off something new in your life.
  • When placing or using a tortoise enhancement, be sure to do so with a focus on your intentions. Example: when you add a black tortoise to your bedside table to invite restful sleep. Pay attention to how the tortoise faces, hold the tortoise, and think clearly about how well you wish to rest.

With this most ancient of animals, we are reminded that moving forward, no matter how slow the pace, is the most important thing. Keep moving, you will get to where you are heading. The tortoise reminds us that as long as you are moving forward, you are making progress. You don’t need to push yourself too hard or move too fast, often this results in mistakes and creates more challenges. Pace yourself. Enjoy the journey.

Clutter is a killer!

There, I said it. Loud and clear. Clutter is a killer. It kills auspicious chi as soon as it arrives. It kills your calm as soon as you’re immersed in it. Excessive consumption and accumulation seems to be a large part of the American way of life. You can pull up a startling number of statistics from Joshua Becker, my favorite go to source for many years now for such information.

We all know how clutter makes us feel. Congested. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Shame. Guilt. We’ve all walked into homes that immediately raise our heartbeat, so much stuff strewn about everywhere. Sometimes it’s our own living rooms.

If that’s how you feel when you come into your space, how do you think the auspicious chi feels when it’s flying into your home? It likely just turns around and leaves. Chi needs to feel welcomed into your home and life. If there is no sense of calm and harmony, no place for it to swirl and pool, no place for it to rest or enhance, why would it stay? Yet auspicious chi is what every home and life needs to live fully, and at it’s most happy state.

When I’m working with a client on their home, clutter is the first thing we attack. There are nine directions in feng shui landform, and none of them like clutter. None. Clutter in your home, in any of the directions, will create harm. Period. You likely don’t even notice it because you’ve been living with the clutter for so long that it’s your sense of normal now. Our minds are built to adjust to things, so when clutter is the norm you no longer notice it. But you can feel it.

Any decluttering you do is time well spent and visual clutter it phase one.

Every time you clear off a counter top or put away a pile of paperwork, you are opening more space to let the chi flow into you home and life. Pick one room in your house and get busy. You don’t have to hold every item, you don’t have to clear out the entire room, you don’t have to minimize down to a certain number of any one thing. You do have to work at a pace that keeps you able to commit to the process, you do have to be consistent about your efforts, and you do have to find your level of acceptance in the environment within which you live.

This goes for your outdoor spaces also. Have a beat up old shed that you toss broken stuff into randomly sitting in your southeast area of your backyard? Recycle or give away all the things you aren’t using, repair or remove the follow down shed. She this area some love, the southeast direction is energy focused on the abundance in your life, your wealth and self worth. Care for this sector and watch your confidence blossom.

My guess is since you are still reading that your current environment isn’t working for you. You want something different. You’re frustrated when you come home and your home makes you feel more so. You dread having people just show up at your door. It takes you days to ‘clean up’ for a social event. You don’t sleep well. You don’t eat healthy. You don’t have ‘down time’ because there is always something to clean up before you can sit down.

You are not alone. More often than not a clients home is congested with clutter. They are having relationship problems (southwest) or work life balance struggles (north). And more often than not the landform direction that serves those energies for them are a mess of excess and disorganized clutter. Cleaning up these areas and intentionally creating some space for your relationship or career, sends a loud message out to the universe. A message that these things matter to you and that you aren’t going to neglect them anymore.

Curating your spaces is a seriously intentional act that raises the vibrational energy of your home, the property and your life. I can help decipher the landform mysteries of your property with the ancient geomancy of feng shui.

New Year, New Envelopes

The Chinese red envelope exchange is centuries old. It’s an ancient symbol of energy, good luck, and happiness. Giving a red envelope to someone is a way to send good wishes and luck to them.

Typically, when gifting a red envelope, you would put money inside. The amount doesn’t matter, but always in increments of two. Two coins of the same value, two dollars of the same value. And then increase in twos as well. If using paper money, you want the paper to be crisp new bills. When using coins, you want them to be clean and shiny.

And though the money is nice, the red paper is the sacred element. Red and gold in the Chinese culture represent abundance and blessings bestowed onto the receivers. The red envelope is used for happy occasions and keeps away inauspicious chi. It is not favorable to open a red envelope you have received in front of the giver. Those blessings contained within are for the receiver only. When receiving a red envelope, always accept it with both hands for the balance of your yin yang energy (left hand is feminine, the right hand is masculine).

Traditionally these envelopes are given out to family and friends at Chinese New Year. Feng Shui practitioners also use them for payments towards services. But they are also a strong tool for manifesting affirmations when placed above your front door or used to hold sacred wishes.

 To manifest affirmations, write your affirmation on a piece of paper adding the words “with harm to no one” at the end, and put it in a red envelope. Hang that red envelope over your front door inside your home.

In a child’s room perhaps write your wishes as a parent for how the child will learn and develop into their own person (with harm to no one) and put the envelope above the child’s bedroom door inside the room.

If using a red envelope to manifest energy or affirmations into one of the nine landform directions, write your wish or affirmation (with harm to no one) and then place the paper in the red envelope. Find an inconspicuous spot within that sector of the home to hang the red envelope. Example: Maybe your North sector is your garage. North is about your life path and career. You could write an affirmation that your career remains strong and develop, place that in a red envelope and then hang the red envelope someplace within your garage. 

Many blessings.

Welcoming 2020 & the Yang Metal Rat

Our homes are a reflection of our life at this moment. As 2020 approaches, there are a few simple things we can do to create a reflection to the universe of what we want this new 60yr cycle to bring forth in our lives starting January 25, 2020.

  • I talk about decluttering a lot, I know. That’s because it’s the number one thing you can do to change the energy of your environment. We want less belongings in our environment so that there is room for better things to enter our lives. Having an empty drawer, shelf or space in closets is a good thing, So, before doing anything else to prepare for the new energy of 2020, clear out everything from your home that no longer serves you. Clutter creates blocks in our life. Hanging on to those old clothes that you hope to one day be able to wear again, tells your soul that you are not living up to your potential. Hanging onto things that represent the kind of family you wish you had, focuses your soul on something you deem to be lacking in the family you do have. Anything broken or covered in dust is a clear statement to the universe that those things really don’t have any meaning to you. Unfinished projects are stating that your choices have proven that those projects aren’t important to you, let them go. Clear it all out. Get help (I’m available and love opening up the energy of a home). Most homes are overwhelmed with clutter in closets and corners and basements, it can feel daunting and impossible to tackle. Ask for help. Do one closet at a time. Dedicate 30mins a day. This is the time to truly let go and create a new future for yourself. 2020 is going to be a powerful year for everyone, create some space in your environment for that powerful energy to come in and live with you.
  • Wash your front door. Your front door is the mouth of your home, this is where all the vital energy, opportunities and health enters your home and property. So, get out the soap and water and clean your front door. Scrub it down. Rinse it off. Dry it. Do this with deep intentions of wanting to create an amazing impression for all the blessings that may be brought by the Red Phoenix this year. Use a mixture of hot water, a drop of dish soap, a handful of course sea salt, 18 drops of orange, lemon, pine or frankincense essential oil.
  • Clean your house as if Queen Elizabeth was coming to visit. We want to start 2020 off with a clean blank slate. We are looking at a new 60yr cycle of energy and we want all the old energy (and dust) out of the picture and out of our lives. As you clean hold the intention of starting fresh, new beginnings. Hit every corner and nook, empty your bookshelves and dust every item in your house, behind the refrigerator and washing machine. Leave no area untouched. Have your air ducts and dryer vent cleaned! Create vision and clarity for the future by cleaning your mirrors and windows, WD-40 all your door hinges so that the doors to opportunity open easily. And make sure every light bulb is working well so that your path to the future is well lit.
  • After cleaning your house, clear the energy of your environment (start at the perimeter of your property and work your way into your home) with White Sage or Palo Santo, then follow up with Sweet Grass. The White Sage or Palo Santo helps move out old energy, the Sweet Grass welcomes in new abundant energy.
  • Buy a new healthy green plant or a succulent and place it near the front door. This is a symbol of the Wood element of growth, new beginning and vitality and advancement of life energy. Write some words of your intentions for this new year, this new 60yr cycle, and plant that piece of paper into the soil of this new plant. Nurture and care for this plant and watch life grow before your eyes. *Be sure the include the phrase “with harm to no one”, as we don’t want to manifest something wonderful into our lives at the expense of someone else.
  • Finally, buy a new welcome mat for the front door. Adding a windchime to the front door area is an added bonus! Welcome prosperity, new opportunities and connections into your life!