2021’s Yin Metal Ox

2021! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

The Chinese new year for 2021 is nearly upon us and it feels like many people around the world are  hoping for a big change in universal energy. It’s not news to anyone that 2020 was challenging for the best of us. The world was increasingly rocked by social injustices, health crises, economic struggles, and a sweeping disruption to life as we knew it. The Yang Metal Rat of 2020 kept us all on our toes. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.

Thank goodness that’s over and life can calm down with the arrival of 2021’s Yin Metal Ox.

But First, Let’s Talk About the Chinese Zodiac  

I want to make sure we all have a better understanding of what it means to talk about the Chinese New Year Animal. 

We’ve all been in a Chinese restaurant and seen the placement with the Zodiac animals, we’ve all looked up the year we were born and discovered “our animal”. Well, your Chinese astrology chart is built on four pillars, each with a potential for a unique animal and element composition. Those placemats are potentially* showing you only one of those pillars, the Year pillar, which represents our soul/life path energy. But, it is only one of potentially four animals within your chart and the energy from your Year pillar only shows you your outward personality and social self. (more about that below)

Each new Chinese New Year has the same kind of birth chart; mixes of animals and elements unique to themselves. However, there is a cycle of energetic life, a 60 year cycle**. So it was 60 years ago that the earth had a Yin Metal Ox as it’s universal energy force. What was happening 60 years ago?

Side note: Your 60th birthday should be a big big deal of a celebration. When we turn 60 we will have lived through a full cycle of the Chinese zodiac. 

*I use the word potentially because it matters what your full birthdate is, not just the year you were born. My birthday is early January 19XX, so as a child when I read those placemats I assumed my animal was the one of the year I was actually born. However, since the Chinese new  year comes any time late-January to early-February, my true year animal is the one listed for the year prior on that placemat. 

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** Chinese Astrology geomancy consists of the yin and yang of 5 elements and the 12 Zodiac animals….5×12=60

You can spend just a few minutes thinking about the civil unrest and socially heated life of 1960 that then led  to a quieter, healing and slower 1961. You can also fall down deep rabbit holes as you discover the complex and obvious connections to the energy of 1960 and 1961 that mirrors the present change of 2020 to 2021. As most of the practitioners I know say, “you just can’t make this sh!t up”. 

This is the chart for 2021’s Yin Metal Ox. Right away you can see the universal change in energy is bigger than just the Year pillar (far left, bold). For this post though, I’m going to stay focused on just the Year pillar.

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What should we expect?

The 2021 Yin Metal Ox is in many ways a fantastic shift from the hectic chaos and fear focus of 2020’s Yang Metal Rat. This Ox will bring forth an expectation of calm and subtle behaviors. Slow and steady wins this year and the Ox is prepared for, and has the strength to work through, the journey. 

What do we know about the Ox? They are practical and hard-working animals. They are determined enough to come off as stubborn, yet reliable enough that their loyalty is unmistakable. They are strong and capable, both herd focused and fiercely independent. They believe in the greater good and collective big-picture focused progress at a slow and steady pace. 

This Ox is going to continually remind us to slow down, to take strategic and intentional steps forward in everything we do. You can’t just pull an Ox around on a leash, they are mighty creatures who have the strength and will to hold their ground against the strongest among us. Oxen want to see a community working together to accomplish a bigger goal, but they do want everyone to stay in their own lanes as they get their work done. Stay focused on your own life and being the best version of you, the healthiest version of you, the kindest version of you. Don’t fret about the neighbors, the Simpsons’  or the Jones’. Stay in your lane, doing your work.

Something important to note, this constant reminder to slow life down will be a tough change for any of us who have animals in our year pillar that aren’t comfortable with slower-paced energy. If a slow-paced life isn’t for you, be mindful when you’re feeling controlled and contained, which will be ever so present with the year’s 40% metal energy that arrives with 2021’s Ox. This will be felt more strongly by those born in the year of the Sheep/Goat. Find a healthy outlet you can lean on and maybe also give some contemplative silence time a try!

This Yin Metal Ox is also going to be pushing us to gather up our resources and build the foundations for our goals. I’m not talking about over shopping and stocking up your pantry with things you will forget you have. But, I am talking about getting your plans in place for life goals you truly plan to accomplish. If you are wanting to retire in another country in 10yrs, this is a great year to start mapping out the entire process that will make that happen. And the first month of the new year, during the Mercury retrograde, is a wonderful time to focus on the plans you need to have in place to achieve your goals. But just making plans isn’t going to be good enough for the Ox.

Once you have your task list to achieve your goals completed, now the Ox is going to want to get to work! The Ox isn’t going to be happy sitting around just making plans, they are here to work, and they prefer to work hard on big and challenging tasks that others fear starting. So make your plans, and then let the Ox propel you into action and begin working on those goals. Don’t rush in, remember the Ox moves slowly but purposefully. Start your work mindfully and be committed and diligent to each task. Keep reviewing your goals and steps to achieve them, and keep working your way through checking things off your list. 

One last interesting energy for the year to keep in mind; Each of the Zodiac animals have one highest greatest good that their energy brings with them. For the Ox that energy is “Braving the deepest of human experiences and emotions”. The Ox is a very present and grounded being, they are the animal in the Zodiac that is holding space* for the universe. And with all the universe is transitioning through after 2020’s Rat, we need the Ox to carry the burden of broken energy for the universe. No other animal is strong enough or more focused on the collective good. 

The Ox people in our lives are the ones that everyone goes to for help and support. So, for anyone that has an Ox anywhere in your chart, be extra mindful this year about how often you say yes to other people asking for your time and energy. This is a year that you need to be more focused on caring for your own needs. Remember, for 2021 we all want to be working hard, but staying in our own lane and doing our own work. 

*Holding Space is the art of being present with someone or something, without judgment. This means you give your heart, your ears, your strength, without expectation of anything in return.  

Personally, I’m very much looking forward to the shift of energy the Universe is bringing in for 2021. Slow and steady goal planning followed by strong actionable steps to achieve those goals. The world should be focused on being mindful and compassionate towards a collective greatest good. If nothing else, 2020 made it very clear that the world is connected. This new 2021 Yin Metal Ox is here to help the world work together towards a collective change. I’m excited to see what we accomplish!